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Yes, Aayat hair transplant surgeon use your own healthy hair (hair not sensitive to DHT hormone) to fill the bald area these are usually taken from the safe zone therefore on the back of skull base transplanted hair are resistant to the hormones DHT that cause hair loss and are considered Permanent.

Success of hair transplant is in experts hand and it is close to 100%. We at Aayat ensure your excellent results and success rate close to 100% to all our patients will take all the necessary measures to give result which looks natural we work to give maximum density and proper angle of the hair we are committed to our patients and ensure that they are satisfied with our results.

It normally takes 5 months for most of the hair to grow to have a new look. it is not that all the transplanted hair will grow in 5 months but your look will be changed. some of the transplanted hair will take longer time to grow.
Just like your normal hair transplanted hair can be cut shampooed and dyed
Hair transplant is a relatively safe procedure in experts hand minor Side Effects like swelling, itching, numbness can occur in few patients which can be treated with medications. All the prerequisite investigations are done before hair transplant surgery to ensure complete safety of patient.
It is done under local anaesthesia the patient has only to bear the pain of needle of anaesthesia and that is hardly for a minute or two after anaesthesia both the donor and recipient sides become Numb afterwards whole procedure is painless.
You can travel the minute you leave the clinic after hair transplant you can travel by road by rail or by air and there is no restriction to travel.
There are no stitches after FUE hair transplant there are tiny holes left behind on the shaved Donor area and these tiny holes in within about five days and appear as pinks dots.
The recovery time is minimal after FUE hair transplant usually patients return to work within 2-4 days following subjecting it takes 7 to 8 days for the crust in grafted area to go Post-operative instructions should be followed to minimise the rusting of the graft.